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Orsk Construction Ironwork Plant - dynamically developing company interested in finding and attracting to its ranks highly motivated, enthusiastic, energetic and creative people who know how to work in a team, ready to improve the professional knowledge and experience.


1) Chief of the central factory laboratory;

2) process engineer for machining;

3) the engineer-laboratory assistant;

4) Chief Engineer;

5) welding engineer;

6) engineer for preventive maintenance;

7) fitter repairman;

8) electrician;

9) locksmith on assembly of metal structures.

Our company produces "data bank" for various professions and invite experts and workers send their resume or fill out forms a standard pattern in the personnel department.

We also invite graduates to gain professional experience and work in a friendly team.

If you are interested in the work of our team, please contact the Personnel Department of " Orsk Construction Ironwork Plant " or leave your request by filling out the form below:


Tel. (3537) 42-87-30

E-mail: ros@ozmk.ru, okadrov@ozmk.ru

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